2. 2013 Showreel.

  3. Fog in a Philly cemetery.

  5. The sheer volume of books in this store can be overwhelming. Every shelf is bursting with them; new and old. The floors are booby trapped with stacks. It makes walking the aisles a clever dance with a stagnant but loquacious partner. #vintage #vsco #vscocam #bookstore #books #bookshelves #thrift #trader #thrifting #finds

  6. Late night long exposures and believe it or not, no filters or major editing…

  7. Fog & Snow | Philly ‘14

  9. Philadelphia.

  10. Darkphasespace | philly ‘13

  11. Rave babe Gina, philly ‘13

  12. I got behind on posting flicks from darkphasespace, the annual afrofuturist costume ball in philly…

  13. Darkphasespace

  14. May 2013 | electric factory, philadelphia